Javascript RSS Reader

Display a RSS feed on your site using JavaScript.

(Now Includes Angular & Knockout examples - added 2013-05-29)



PHP Calendar

This class (once instantiated), displays a calendar on a webpage, its highly customizable via CSS, can be used as a control on a form, or simply as part of a navigation system. Rendering firstly happens server-side, but during navigation rendering of the calendar happens without postbacks (if Javascript is enabled else the server takes over). Documentation is included in the downloaded file.



Simple Javascript Quiz Script

A simple JavaScript quiz script.

(Now includes Angular and Knockout examples - added 2013-05-29)



RSS ASP.Net/PHP and Javascript example Code

Example code from my RSS article, explaining how to write your own RSS reader in a variety of different programming languages. Using LinQ, XmlTextReader or XmlDocument classes in .net, to the new WCF syndication, looking at PHP, we have a look at SimpleXml, xml_parse function and using COMs There is also an Ajax solution in this download etc.



Moving items between listboxes in example code

Ever wanted to move items between two listboxes in (or PHP for that matter)? Someone wanted the exact same thing on a while ago but I didn't give much thought to it, until someone at work asked me how to do it - since he wasn't able to find a viable solution on the internet.


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