About me

I started programming at the age of seven and loving it ever since, wrote my first piece of code on my dad's Olivetti M10.

I've programmed in a multitude of programming languages over the years, C/C++/Delphi/VB/Java/C# just to name a few, always keen on learning new ones.

Currently I am thoroughly enjoying C# and using it in my day to day programming and love tinkering with PHP from time to time.

I am an autodidact (self-taught), I dont have any formal training nor degree in computer science (at the moment at least), but I am constantly improving my skill as programmer and hope to make a major contribution to programming one day.

I dont believe I will ever consider myself to be an expert/pro in programming, I am a "probeerder" (person that tries) at best.

I've got a passion for developers and love helping & developing tools for them, I hope to get the opportunity one day to pursue this passion full-time.

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